Role of Chaperones: We encourage parents/chaperones to join in on the field trips and enjoy them to help escort the students in their group. With their help, the guides will be free to focus on activities, and allow the children to investgate each activity. Also, keep in mind that the activities are oriented towards children, so please ask chaperones to wait until the end of the program to ask "adult". We’ll be happy to answer your garden questions and provide gardening inforamtion after the program.
Groups: Please divide the children into small groups ahead of time, so that after our introduction we can efficiently
split up into groups no bigger than 10.
Nametags are a great help to us, especially if they are color-coded for the groups (the red group, the blue group, etc.).
Dress appropriately, with closed-toed shoes. Make sure students are prepared for the weather and keep in mind that this is a hands-on experience — they may get dirty.
Weather: If it looks like there will be light rain during your visit please encourage your students to bring rainwear and boots if they have them. Light rain is no problem, but heavy rain will cancel the program and we will call the morning of the event if the rain is too heavy.
Cancellations: Please call us (619-675-6956) as much in advance as possible if you need to cancel your event/program. If you cancel your event less than two weeks prior to the event date, the program fee will not be refunded or credited to later event/program.