Gardening is the easiest things you’ll ever do with your kids.
      In the 2 to 3 months it takes to organize a class field trip, get parent permission slips signed, find volunteers to participate in the field trip, arrange for a bus, make sure you have ALL the field trip money in, ensure that everyone has brought their sack lunches, then finally getting to and leaving from your field trip in time… your school garden would be completed. 3 months into your California School Standards for math, science, vocabulary, geography and more. Your kids will have a complete understanding of growing, maintaining and a true appreciate of gardening from a level that is immeasurable!What would you like your students to get accomplished in 3 months?
Our fun and educational sessions are offered in single day, 6 week or 9 week programs,
with a variety of topics to suit every age group. All of our programs are standards-based.
Basic Vegetable Garden
This is a for the teacher or educator that ONLY needs a garden installed. Choose between a Vegetable, Butterfly or Living Native Habitat. Plants are chosen according to season, climate, and educators needs. We supply the (2) 6x2 cedar beds, soil, plants and anything else needed for your site. All supplies are used to create a productive and successful garden.
Educational Garden - 6 Week Program
This course involves your children every step of the way. We will help create one of the following types of gardens at your school site: Vegetable, Butterfly or Native. We will cover 6 of our themes throughout the process. A worm farm area and the Beneficial Insect theme are included in this program.
Complete Educational Garden - 9 Week Program
(Includes Vegetable, Butterfly and Native garden)
This course covers each and all of the themes we have to offer. We will also be guiding the school through the creation of 3 garden areas, to be part of the larger school garden. Each themed session we will be holding with your students will add a new dimension to your garden. By the time the nine weeks are up your school will have a living garden laboratory, to be used and enjoyed for years to come.
Service and follow up meeting with teachers and parent volunteers are included in each of our educational garden programs.Hands-on continuing education for 2 months (4 visits with instructions after garden is installed).
School Garden set-up Help: We encourage children and parents to bring hand shovels, rakes, rocks, gravel, buckets, garden waste, natural undyed organic wood, bark, twigs even kitchen scraps to help with implementing your school garden site.